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У меня к сожалению для вас ничего нет: Список чеков С левой стороны вы можете выбрать различные функции программы по этой системе. Один из интересный элементов — "Active test". Всякие тесты Так же есть пункт Utilities.

Утилиты Внутри которого есть более интересный пункт "Customize", пункт в котором как раз настраиваются различные моменты поведения машины. Меню Customize Есть очень важный элемент "Data List". В системе двигателя вы сможете как раз наблюдать за различными показателями двигателя. Выделив некоторые элементы данных вы сможете построить любые графики на ваш вкус.

Любые графики Есть один секрет нормальных графиков. В табличке дата лист выделите только нужные вам элементы для отображения. И только в маленькой табличке выбирайте эти элементы для построения графиков. Иначе дешманский Mini VCI не даст вам строить ровные графики, если вы при этом будете отслеживать все ненужные вам данные.

Блин тяжело это в словах объяснить, но я думаю когда вы перейдете к графикам вы уже сможете осилить то что я вам хотел донести. Простите за скомканность описания функционала работы самой программы… Просто я тупо устал писать эту статью. Да и большинство проблем у новичков появляется при подключении к машине. Остальное думаю методом научного тыка у вас получится. Еще раз, качаем здесь или здесь. Краткая инструкция в файле Readme.

Это абзац для продвинутых, кто тупо крутил вниз в поисках ссылки для скачивания. Надеюсь данное чтиво будет полезным для энтузиастов на лексусах и тойотах. The long-awaited record of my favorite tool is Toyota Techstream. Every self-respecting automaker has its own brand diagnostic software. At toyota Techstream, at nissan Consult. Others if I honestly do not know and do not want to google. This is regrettable, but according to this protocol almost any imported car industry can be started after , and even VAZs can also be tested now.

About two years ago I learned that Toyota has its own brand diagnostic software — tekstream. Overview of the functionality of Toyota Techstream: Then I learned that the interface cable from Drew-mother-Tek was initially used for the connection.

The cost of which at the time of writing this entry in the BC is tickets of western decay. And if you are very lazy, you have a lot of money and you like blue teeth, then add to this cost killed raccoons and get a Bluetooth version. The same mongoose However, later, the inquisitive minds of self-made ones managed to write the so-called PassThrough interface on their knees.

In fact, this is a library well, or a driver, as some say in order for our capricious tekstream to accept non-native children of cable simulators as their relatives. Hero of our time You can buy on fuck for symbolic 20 bourgeois tugriks with delivery. In general, I use them long enough.

With his tasks copes on 5 with a minus. Minus — for the speed of work. And I would not use it to sew the calibrations on the engine or the box. Deshman is a deshmana. Something will go wrong and you will bitterly bite the elbows. They too can You can buy you know where. I could not get it to work , it probably will not work with modern machines with CAN-interface.

In general, a cable is about twice as expensive as a mini-visa. In fact, this is the native aging diagnostic interface of VAG. So if you have something else from the machines of this German concern, why not?

I could not get him to work. To be honest, I did not really bother. I have a mini viziyay. I had experience using this cable on a previous machine in the TECU program. Very much the way functional domestic software! It is worth it on the same site as well as the Mini VCI. I can not say anything about the advantages and disadvantages. Did not buy, did not try. I use Toyota Techstream version You can download it from my file exchange here here or here , it includes the tekstream itself, a pascal generator for smart keys, USB-COM driver and passeru "driver".

You can also swing on the rutrakere , there seems to be only tekstream. Well, on the site vdiag. On my file exchange there is an archive just from the site, I recommend this site, there is info not only about tekstream. We will discuss technical requirements tekstreama known to me: Places on the hard drive need at least MB. Operating system Windows XP and above though Windows 8. At the moment, the bit OS does not matter.

If the phrases bit, bit do not say anything to you, never mind. This is unnecessary information. After downloading the archive inside you will find some files and folders. Archive In general, the entire installation process is described in the Readme. Then you need to wean the program from greed. Fortunately, this is done quite easily.

We are looking for the file "C: We are looking for the following block: Pay attention to the value of TISFunction, there will be 1 unit , the whole hack is to set 0 zero instead of one.

We close it and save it. After installing the program, you can proceed to install the cable. Actually, if you have the Windows 8. And when requesting drivers, specify the FTDI folder on the disk as the source of the drivers.

After the successful installation of the drivers automatically or manually, I recommend registering the maximum speed of the virtual COM port. To do this, open the "Device Manager". There is a quick method: Set the port speed After that, go to the PassThrough configuration interface. Run the file "setup. Then you need to select the version of the Mini VCI cable. I did not know and do not know the exact version of the cable, so I chose different versions and tested for connection to the machine.

The MiniVCI folder can not be deleted now. Choose the cable version by scientific poke! If the "smart Windows" says that the installation failed and recommends installing with the recommended parameters — do not settle for provocation and press cancel. We launch the text from the desktop. We need to select our MiniVCI adapter in the program settings. And go to the menu as in the picture: Do as in the picture Now we can click "Connect to Vehicle" — which means connect to the machine.

Click on the upper left blue button If everything is correctly configured, then the picture will appear with Lexus ? And already if everything is all right, a window will appear with a choice of options for your machine. I think you will understand it. Select machine options Next, you will see a list of available diagnostic systems for the tekstream. If you have a fairly modern machine, the list will be impressive.

I have a fairly large list on the Lexus. List of systems For example, you can go to the "Engine" ie, the Engine and immediately see a list of errors "checks" of the engine. I have unfortunately nothing for you: Check list On the left side you can select various functions of the program on this system.

One of the interesting elements is "Active test". All tests There is also a point Utilities. Customize menu There is a very important element in the "Data List". In the engine system, you can just watch the various engine performance. By selecting some data elements you will be able to build any graphics for your taste.

Any graphics There is one secret of normal graphs. In the sheet of the date sheet, select only the elements you want to display. And only in a small plate choose these elements for plotting. Otherwise, the mini-VCI will not let you build smooth graphics if you keep track of all the data you do not need.

Damn hard to explain it in words, but I think when you go to the charts you can already master what I wanted to convey to you. And most of the problems for beginners appear when you connect to the machine. The rest I think by the method of scientific poking you will succeed. Каталог Подбор оборудования по маркам Спецпредложения Мультимарочные сканеры Профессиональные сканеры Адаптеры на базе ПК Ручные портативные сканеры Грузовые автомобили и спецтехника Адаптеры для смартфонов Ноутбуки и жёсткие диски Чип-тюнинг, программаторы Приборы корректировки одометров Программаторы ключей иммо Мотор-тестеры и осциллографы Приборы визуального контроля.

Дополнительное оборудование Диагностическо-информационное ПО Разъёмы диагностики. На этом же сайте www. До какого года авто в обновлении? Программа будет работать на Windows 10 64bit? Да, будет работать на Windows 10 64bit. Программа запрашивает ключ где его найти Администратор: Внимательно читайте прилагаемую инструкцию по установке, там всё написано!!!

Прописывать датчики давления в шинах данным комплектом не на всех моделях получается. Рекомендую сканер Mongoose 6в1. Подскажите имеется ли у вас в продаже ПО Techstream на русском языке, если есть то какая версия? Techstream на русском языке есть. Версия программы от года. Подходит к вашему кабелю J Цена русской версии Techstream - рублей.